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Printing consumables

Collection and sorting of consumables

Scope of collection

Conibi collects printing consumables from professionals. This collection is financed by our shareholders and members. It is free of charge for all our customers, from all business sectors, public and private: VSEs, SMEs, SMIs, associations, ETIs and groups, government departments, public establishments and local authorities.
Our collection service covers the entire country of France, offering consistent service across all metropolitan departments and handling 100% of printing consumables. The effectiveness of our operations relies on local collectors and a network of 15 regional consolidation platforms.
Transport is managed directly by Conibi. We prioritize short routes and densify collections to optimize load capacity and minimize CO2 emissions from transport.

Appropriate containers

Depending on their usage and needs, Conibi offers clients two types of containers: the Ecobox (60 x 40 x 45 cm), easy to store and most commonly used by our clients; and the Bigbox (60 x 40 x 70 cm), a larger format for bulky consumables.

Collecte et tri_1

Two collection methods

On-site collection upon request: For standard volumes, starting from 2 Ecoboxes per intervention.
Collection via Mondial Relay: Ideal for small volumes, starting from 5 cartridges.

Specific sorting rules

Each client’s collection is identified and tracked from pickup, weighed, and processed separately upon arrival at Conibi’s sorting centers. Consumables are identified by brand, category (ink cartridges, laser cartridges, recovery bins, drums, etc.), manufacturer references, and status (original, recycled, damaged, etc.).
They are sorted according to the current sorting matrix, which is a set of guidelines considering the recycling programs of Conibi’s shareholders and members. The matrix lists the consumables to be returned to them and includes instructions for the recycling of non-returned consumables.

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Comment ça marche ?

Osiris industrial line


Consumables reconditioning

2024 will see the launch of the first Osiris line in the Conibi network. This is an industrial process for preparing and reconditioning used printing consumables so that they can be re-used or re-purposed.
The collection and processing of used
will depend on their final destination and the specific requirements of manufacturers: cleaning to new condition and reconditioning; partial dismantling for custom processing and preparation; or specific grinding and granulation for reinjection of plastics into a production line.
With the Osiris industrial line, Conibi aims to make France the European leader in the reconditioning and reuse of printing consumables.

La valorisation en chiffres

En 2023, les consommables triés par Conibi ont permis de produire :

tonnes de consommables (réutilisation)
tonnes de plastiques
tonnes de
pâte à papier
tonnes de fer
et d’acier
tonnes d’aluminium
tonnes d’inox
tonnes de poudre
de toner
MWh d’électricité
1 600
MWh de vapeur d’eau