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About us

The Conibi consortium

The Conibi Office and IT Equipment Consortium was established in January 2000 by 15 leading companies in the sector. Their goal was to offer their B2B clients a large-scale, easy-to-implement, and environmentally friendly solution for collecting and processing used printing consumables.

These 15 industry leaders are our shareholders and members. Our mission is funded by an eco-contribution included in the sale price of new consumables. Our unique operational model in Europe encompasses rational collection, optimized sorting of consumables, and efficient, fair recycling solutions.

Commitment to environmental responsibility

For nearly a quarter of a century, despite being competitors in the new products market, our shareholders and members have united to uphold shared ethical, ecological, and economic values through responsible and sustainable recycling practices for their printing consumables.

Through Conibi, these companies share a common, reliable, and profitable vision of sustainable development and the circular economy. This policy is now reinforced by a carbon neutrality strategy.

Our partners

Our clients


Conibi manages a portfolio of 70,000 clients, ranging from small businesses and SMEs to government agencies and large corporations. We guarantee them:

  • A secure supply chain, certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since 2006.
  • An in-house, experienced customer service team, connected with all company departments.
  • Transparent and regulatory-compliant procedures.
  • Full traceability of each operation at every stage for each type of waste.
  • Continuous monitoring: collection reports, annual reporting, and environmental assessments.
  • Technical resources: a dedicated extranet, suitable containers, and custom collection services.
  • Turning waste into a product.
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of our customers are satisfied with Conibi’s service.

Satisfaction survey conducted on January 30 and February 1, 2024, with 2,379 customers collected in 2023.

Service, our priority.

Our team

Every day, a hundred professionals work for Conibi across France, ensuring the collection, sorting, and recycling of our clients’ printing consumables. The company’s operations are managed by a team based at our headquarters in Paris-Nord 2 Villepinte.

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